About F.A.R.E.

Foundation for Accountability in Regulatory Enforcement Mission Statement

  1. Representing legitimate small plant owners in dealing with the USDA
  2. Suggesting common sense policy changes to the USDA agency

We provide services in the following areas of meat industry concerns:

  • DevelopmentDevelopment, implementation, and maintenance of HACCP Plans
  • Negotiation with USDANegotiation with USDA/FSIS on meat plant issues
  • Communication with state officialsCommunication with state and national elected officials on relevant meat inspection and food safety issues
  • Conduit of suggestionsConduit of suggestions to USDA/FSIS officials of improved meat inspection policies, focusing on the trace-back of bad meat to the origin of contamination.

Perhaps John's primary goal is to force USDA to trace contaminated meat back to the origin, the very Source where pathogens are unwittingly deposited onto exposed meat. Since E.coli & Salmonella emanate from within animals' intestines, outbreaks & recalls caused by these two bacteria must be traced back to the originating slaughter plant. Secondly, USDA must be required to Force the Source, that is, the agency must focus its enforcement actions at the slaughter plant Source, and require the Source (not the downstream destination facility) to implement corrective actions to prevent future recurrences of bacteria-laced meat.

For several years, John has encouraged Montana's congressional delegation to enact traceback legislation, culminating in Senator Jon Tester's introduction of S 3163, the "Meat Safety & Accountability Act". If enacted, the bill will accomplish all of John's traceback goals. Ironically, since Senator Tester introduced the bill, USDA has enacted changes in policies which comply with some of the bill's requirements.