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Intentionally inaccurate microbial testing protocol

We humans are capable of devising sly machinations to mask or coverup the truth, even when conducting scientific lab experiments.  An example:  let’s assume a freezer temperature is to be kept at zero to ten above zero.  However, we know … Continue reading

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Should USDA release plant-specific data to the public?

The National Research Council recently suggested that USDA/FSIS release to the public information which is specific to all USDA-inspected establishments.  Such information might be useful to consumers, as they choose where they purchase their meat.  This information could serve as … Continue reading

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USDA Opposition to Tracebacks to the SOURCE of contamination

On August 3, 2011, USDA Sec Tom Vilsack announced in a Milwaukee speech that he expected USDA/FSIS (the agency’s meat inspection dept) to announce in 90 days its first step in transforming its traceback policies.  Here it is, December 24, a … Continue reading

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The Hannaford grocery chain in five NE states is currently recalling ground beef which may be contaminated with a multi-drug resistant strain of Salmonella Typhemuriam.  The recall is associated with an outbreak of illnesses in seven states.   Attorney Bill … Continue reading

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