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Will closure of 5 USDA/FSIS District Offices Impact Food Safety?

CLOSURE OF 5 USDA/FSIS OFFICES IMPACT FOOD SAFETY? USDA/FSIS announced on January 9, 2012 that it would close 5 of its 15 District Offices, as part of a consolidation which would decrease the agency’s budget and save taxpayer dollars.  This … Continue reading

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How can USDA-style HACCP be improved?

As history has unfolded, our ongoing outbreaks and recurring recalls have created sizeable discussion in our meat industry about the efficacy of USDA’s current style of HACCP.  The article accessible at the link below, published by Food Safety News, discusses HACCP.  I … Continue reading

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Antibiotics in Livestock: Yea or Nay?

Antibiotic Use In Livestock:  Yea or Nay? Guest article contributed by Dr. Richard Raymond, former USDA Under Secretary for Meat Inspection FDAs Ban on off label use of Ceftiofur:  What will it Really Change? Not much, I think. I am … Continue reading

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Oil spills & E.coli: What’s the Connection?

We are familiar with NASA’s investigation of the 2003 Shuttle disaster, which disintegrated upon reentry into earth’s atmosphere.  More recently, we witnessed the environmental problems emanating from the blowup on the BP drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico, which … Continue reading

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