How Could A Loving God Permit The Massacre In Connecticut?


I’ve heard this legitimate question from several folks after the killing of 20 innocent children and 6 staff members at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec 14.  I believe the answer has permeated our society in recent decades.  While the task of identifying the cause is uncomfortable for all Americans, we must discuss it if we desire to implement corrective actions to prevent recurrences.

God has not departed from us.  We have rejected Him, and His influence.  Is God obligated to protect and promote a nation which doesn’t want Him? 

In June of 1963, the Supreme Court ruled that required bible reading and recitation were unconstitutional in public schools.  The resulting vacuum has been filled with something vile. 

Many folks want the words “one nation under God” removed from our national anthem.

Many others demand that the phrase “In God we trust” be removed from our coins. 

An increasing number of employers forbid employees to state “Merry Christmas”, deferring to “Happy Holidays” instead.  Can’t offend anyone, you know.

Scriptures state that God hates the shedding of innocent blood.  The blood of over 50 million legally aborted babies carries more weight with God than the Supreme Court’s Roe decision.   Americans criticize Germans for not fighting Hitler’s extermination policies, while sitting on our hands as we abort human fetuses, the same fetuses which should be working now and paying into our Social Security system.  We’ve allowed “Choice” to place a noose around our economic necks. 

Although numerous Old and New Testament scriptures specifically prohibit homosexuality, America not only endorses the practice, but promotes it.  As Ruth Graham once said “If God does not bring judgment on America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah”.

Americans have been liberated from the abhorrent sight of the Ten Commandments on the courthouse lawn, while enjoying unbridled pornography which permeates our society with few restrictions.  We seem to be threatened with a citizenry which does not kill, steal, lie, etc.  There is no segment of our society which would benefit more from compliance with the Ten Commandments than our government, but we require a separation.  For which we’re now paying the price.  A nation in which citizens do not lie, commit adultery, steal, or kill would be a secure, blessed nation; yet America rejects the Ten Commandments as unconstitutional. 

For the last twenty years or so, historians have described America as a “Post Christian Nation”.  They are right.  We’ve adopted Sinatra’s song “I Did It My Way” as our national anthem, while repudiating any connection with Gods way. 

9/11 should have been a wakeup call, as well as the economic downturn seven years later.  Catastrophes are not unique to America, as Japan’s tsunami bears proof.  Ungodliness is global.  Drought now officially covers over 50% of America, leading to widespread wildfires.  2012 was the hottest and driest year since we commenced keeping records. 

And yet, Scriptures state “Blessed is the nation whose god is the Lord”.  America no longer qualifies, although we still expect God to protect and promote our current lifestyle. 

Figuratively speaking, America has given the middle finger to God, not wanting Him in our schools or government.  We perceive we no longer require His benevolence.  While rejecting godly principles, we’ve opened our nation to devilish deceptions under the guise of liberty, art and freedom. 

Citizens who attempt to comply with the Ten Commandments are classified as intolerant.  Meanwhile, we are told we don’t have to tolerate folks who adhere to scriptural principles. 

Subsequent to the prophet Jonah’s instructing the ungodly city of Nineveh to repent, Nineveh did repent, and survived an additional 100 years before turning ungodly again and was destroyed.  Is it possible that America will have but one last chance to repent, and survive as a nation?

Previous civilizations likewise got fat, sassy, and rejected God.  After all, if we are meeting our own needs, who needs God?  We’ve learned nothing from Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Assyria and Rome.  We just might join them in the ash heap of once-great civilizations. 

The answer is simple:  if we adopt godly practices, God will bless us.  He is but one prayer away, and quick to forgive.  The alternative is to further alienate ourselves from Him, for which Sandy Hook is but one symptom.  We don’t want God in our lives, but we blame Him when things like Sandy Hook happen.

2 Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”. 

We still have time to accept God’s handshake.

John Munsell



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23 Responses to How Could A Loving God Permit The Massacre In Connecticut?

  1. Gene Olson says:

    My friend you have expressed the truth clearly & boldly – I applaud clarity & courage. Thank you!

    • Steve Sayer says:

      John, God bless you and your article. Well written, spot on and as always with you truthful to the marrow. If this country continues to put its back to God, we shall all suffer his wrath. The founding fathers were wise men that started this country. God, by design had Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, George Washington and countless others together to build this one country under God nation that we all are enjoying the fruits of today.
      Thank you John for this hearfelt article.

      Your friend,

      Steve Sayer

  2. Jan Munroe says:

    As always John, you have hit the nail on the head. The villain is societal changes which have been caused by the lack of God in what family life is left!

  3. Heather B says:

    I actually disagree. There have been mass shootings even at churches, where I assume God has been welcomed fully. I believe the issue is more that we have turned away from each other. We are not loving each other the way God would. Why did no one see this man had serious problems and needed serious help? It’s because we’re disconnected from each other. It’s not like I’m above others in this regard. I work long hours and have no idea who my neighbors are beyond a few casual conversations. This is not the way you foster a community that can recognize help needed before it is too late.

  4. Gary Wold says:

    Spot on!

  5. Kris says:

    John – You are so right! It has become a crime to have any moral convictions. We are told we must embrace all manner of evil in the name of tolerance, and are accused of being “un-Christian”, bigoted and close-minded if we hold back. We serve an awesome God, and despite all, He is still willing to reach out to us. But how much longer will his benevolence last?

  6. Right on Mr.Munsell, I am with you on this. Keep up the good work.

  7. Dana Binkley says:

    From my thoughts to your pen, John. I would have not changed a word.

  8. Brian Westley says:

    You have no concept of religious freedom; you want a theocracy.

    • John says:

      Scriptures do reveal that upon the 2nd coming of Jesus, a theocracy will then exist. Should we fear this? Well, the fact that the world will then experience unequalled peace & prosperity might indicate that we are all better off complying with God’s commands, than with ever-changing cultural beliefs.

      In the meantime, we live in a Democracy, which has the potential to provide security and prosperity. However, when Democracy deteriorates to a godless set of beliefs, we are guaranteed to reap what we have sown.

      I find it so ironic that many folks totally oppose Biblical teachings, demanding personal rights to live and act as we like. As if a society will greatly suffer if all its citizens do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not lie, etc. When we reject God’s teachings, we open ourselves to the devil and his deceptive ploys which promise us happiness as we go our own way.

      John Munsell

  9. Tom Smith says:

    I’ve read this same article 50 times over the last 10 years. How do we expect God’s grace and mercy when we’re systematically kicking him to the curb. The same people that say God allowed if not APPROVED these killings are the IMO same people that gave God the glory when that pilot landed a jet in the Hudson and noone was injured.

    The amount of double talk about God through the mouths of many Christians is staggering.

    While I agree that this country is going to hell in a hand basket. One should be able to rely on a personal realtionship with the Lord for protection as it states in Psalm 91 and many other places in the Bible.
    Those of you who call yourselves Christians, those of you who tithe, ready the Word and spend time in pray, do you or do you not believe that you and your family have some sort of earthly protection as a result of your faithfulness?
    People who fit that discription AND THEIR YOUNG CHILDREN die all the time from other peoples bad choices.
    Semi’s and crazy people don’t mix.
    I guess you feel God put his stamp of approval on the guy who killed all those lil Amish girls while in their schoolhouse too. Imo the Amish do a darn good job of shunning the world that is shunning God(our own). Didn’t keep there kids alive.

    BTW is Satin responsible for acts such as these or is God?
    Why is it that Christians see signs of the end of times and then act like they are befuddled?

    AHHH the eternal (well not quite eternal) tug of war between

    Carrying on with the doubletalk

    • John says:

      Tom, you pose many interesting questions. You ask whether God or Satan is responsible for these acts. I suggest that as long as individuals continue to pursue ungodly behavior, God allows us to reap what we have sown, that is, allows ugly incidents to occur. Just like if we eat too much, we get fat, and they ask how did this happen? Or spending trillions more than we make, go bankrupt, then ask how God allowed America to become an international laughingstock. The best scriptures I can think of right now is Proverbs 1: 20 – 33. Especially verses 24 – 26 which state “Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; but ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof; I will also laught at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh”. Verse 28 says “Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer”. Tom, I am increasingly concerned that America is perilously close to fulfilling these descriptions. Since we give God the finger, God says alright, since you don’t like my way, follow the way of the devil, and see how you like it. Folks are Christian not because they go to church, sing in the choir, serve on the board, tithe, etc. They are Christians only when they fully accept the Bible as God’s word, and comply with the Bible’s commands which should dictate our behavior. In the eyes of too many Americans, the Bible is but an antiquated bunch of letters written to simple-minded folks of 2,000 years ago. Okay, reject the Bible, and openly accept the devil’s suggestions, which is where we are. Everyone does what is right in their own minds.

      John Munsell

  10. Don Hofmann says:

    Mr. Smith—–
    Several of your statements are questionalble. But the sentence of concern is “The amount of double talk about GOD through the mouths of many Christians is staggering”. Before I would put any credence in any of your comments I need to know your definition of a Christian.

  11. Carla Waters says:

    The truth, and nothing but the truth!

  12. Glenn says:

    I compliment you on the truth. We are well into the final days of America due gun control, FEMA camps and talk of indoctrinating us into a new way of thinking. I feel that only the help from above can turn this around.

    • John says:

      Glenn, you brought up gun control, related to the title of this blog, which is the terrible massacre at the Conn. school. Two questions for you: (1) if America had had effective gun control laws in existence, could the Conn tragedy have been averted? (2) Would gun control laws reduce the number of killings in America? John Munsell

  13. Tom Smith says:


    First of all, the above is the first time I have participated in a blog. And it didn’t take long to realize why. What I should have said is that I know plenty of ( a few very good friends included) obedient Christians who without putting a lot of thought into it, just repeat Biblical passages that I find as double talk.

    To your question, other than the pillars of Christianity that I think most could agree on. The characteristics that define a Christian life IMO are these:

    1. Be more than a casual giver
    2. Be meek
    3. Be humble
    4. Be prayerful
    5. Be obedient
    6. Let how you act stand for your convictions, not how you type or talk.

    • John says:

      Tom, I certainly agree with you that we must walk the walk, rather than talk the talk.

      For a person to be a Christian, do you believe he/she must have accepted Jesus as their personal savior, and accept Jesus as divine? Or, must one merely attend church?

      John Munsell

  14. Brian Engle says:

    You have hit the nail square on the head. The principles that founded this country, following God being the number one thing, are degraded and we are losing the battle to remain a great nation without them.

    • John says:

      Brian, your comments remind me of Ford’s TV ad of perhaps 30 years ago. The ad showed an old-style light bulb, suspended from the ceiling by the electrical wire. To turn it on, we had to reach up and turn the switch on. In Ford’s ad, the light bulb was off. The ad said “Ford has a better idea”, then someone reached up, turned on the switch and the light bulb was lit. Similarly, America has a better idea: reject Biblical teachings. I’d like to think that as Americans witness this nation slipping in global economic power, and experiencing a variety of disasters, we’d realize that a partnership with God would be to our benefit. John Munsell

  15. larry jerrel says:

    I dont know if I agree with the word allowed. When God created us he gave us free will. There by granting us choice to join him or not. I believe the two most importand tenants of Christanity are faith and free will. When I was a kid I read the book of revelations and it scared the crap out of me. If you believe in that book then all the mass killings etc. are just the tip of the ice berg. According to that book most of us are not going to heaven. How does the bible state it? ”Many are called but few are choosen”.

    • John says:

      The book of Revelation is very scarry to anyone who is not yet ready to meet his maker. The book describes end day details in lurid detail. My perception is that the Bible clearly reveals how God will take His people home BEFORE the awful events described in the Book of Revelation. Thus, the horrible events portrayed are God’s judgement against folks who refuse to live by His rules (thou shalt not kill, lie, steal, etc), rules which if complied with would produce a secure and prosperous world. Why do I rebel against God’s commandments? Because I want to live my life the way I want to live, with no restrictions. If we take that attitude against the law of the land, we will end up before a magistrate, and endure his judgement. Only makes sense that if we likewise rebel against God, we will face His judgement as well, as described in the book of Revelations. John Munsell

  16. Melissa says:

    It took me a while to get to this e-mail, but I am sure glad I did not hit the “delete” button. I think you have many valid points in your article. I also enjoyed reading others thoughts and your reply to them.
    -Melissa J.

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